Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
0ee0e8c81e3d OPENJDK6-24 Fix change summary generator
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
8662d95ebee1 8021257** should be on restricted package list
a107c678dde3 8025767 Enhance IIOP Streams
c58a65985c41 8026193 Enhance CORBA stub factories
c5c543cb91fc 6763340 memory leak in* classes
6873605 Missing finishedDispatch() call in ORBImpl causes test failures after 5u20 b04
bc519d0a7800 6980681 CORBA deadlock in Java SE beleived to be related to CR 6238477
667af22c2464 7162902 Umbrella port of a number of corba bug fixes from JDK 6 to jdk7u/8
295b9963b97f OPENJDK6-25 Remove @Override annotation added on interfaces by 2014/01/14 security fixes
c93c49524d58 8027837 JDK-8021257 causes CORBA build failure on emdedded platforms
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
210a52674955 8021271 Better buffering in ObjC code
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
5411e32abf0c 8022935 Enhance Apache resolver classes
1502dbf19fe2 8025018 Enhance JAX-P set up
674054141ddd 8027201 Enhance JAX-P set up
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
8e6877caefcb 8026826 JDK 7 fix for 8010935 broke the build
3fbf2a364eed 8010935 Better XML handling
a5ed9b7f47d3 OPENJDK6-25 Remove @Override annotation added on interfaces by 2014/01/14 security fixes
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
20009f68c21c 7068126 Enhance SNMP statuses
9428ea5293be 8022927 Input validation for byte/endian conversions
a6994940a644 8023057 Enhance start up image display
0130075b454c 8023301 Enhance generic classes
16e444c32915 8023672 Enhance jar file validation
8ddfc847b882 8024867 Enhance logging start up
e78f7f397409 8025448 Enhance listening events
67935d4cb42d 8026176 Enhance document printing
7e5e673c706f 8026417 Enhance XML canonicalization
c12624b11076 8026172 Enhance UI Management
d2fd1283e0b7 8024306 Enhance Subject consistency
76445081396e 8023245 Enhance Beans decoding
3b7f7607a7f1 8022945 Enhance JNDI implementation classes
ca4e9dd6aa3a 8021257** should be on restricted package list
c761754d1601 8011786 Better applet networking
204ffa39ed42 8022904 Enhance JDBC Parsers
6dcc089523ed 8025026 Enhance canonicalization
81ba5b4c6c4c 8026204 Enhance auth login contexts
8efd3b62ddd8 8025758 Enhance Naming management
063d4725f476 8023069 Enhance TLS connections
30a79a0d00c3 6995424 Eliminate dependency to a deprecated API
2aa9d2daa3a7 8025014 Enhance Security Policy
6727821 Enhance JAAS Configuration
51d372e4ca05 8025034 Improve layout lookups
5ccba1f98283 8009530 ICU Kern table support broken
6a719098330c 8024530 Enhance font process resilience
ae74bd756f45 6893617 JDK 6 CNCtx always uses the default ORB