Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
97c0c8b9eab2 8008765 Relax bugid checks in 6-open repositories
29be397fcbf8 8014464 Update jcheck for 6-open
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
c5203e9e0e07 8000631 Restrict access to class constructor
42b1142b39b5 8000540 Improve IIOP type reuse management
58fdb67fcacc 7201066 Change modifiers on unused fields
7eb471f1efdd 7141694 Improving CORBA internals
1260b4e54a23 8008765 Relax bugid checks in 6-open repositories
adafbde6b855 8014464 Update jcheck for 6-open
e1e969b531bf 8001032 Restrict object access
14308db8214e 8000642 Better handling of objects for transportation
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
b122c11c6c5f 7198606 Improve VM optimization
781104609348 8001307 Modify ACC_SUPER behavior
62993f16dce2 8008765 Relax bugid checks in 6-open repositories
d27553686ff7 8014464 Update jcheck for 6-open
f9d5be4340c0 7197906 BlockOffsetArray::power_to_cards_back() needs to handle > 32 bit shifts
d19d8218a399 7014711 Fork HS20 to HS21 - renumber Major and build numbers of JVM
ccfcb502af3f 6566340 Restore use of stillborn flag to signify a thread that was stopped before it started
bb2c2878f134 7011839 JSR 292 turn on escape analysis when using invokedynamic
403dc4c1d7f5 6809483 hotspot:::method_entry are not correctly generated for "method()V"
e4fee0bdaa85 7008809 should report the class in ArrayStoreExceptions from compiled code
f966c66b5463 7014247 CTW fails when compile sun/misc/AtomicLongCSImpl (REMOVED from JDK7)
a672e43650cc 7013718 G1: small fixes for two assert/guarantee failures
97ba643ea3ed 7014261 G1: RSet-related failures
234761c55641 6608385 G1: need to support parallel reference processing
3582bf76420e 6990754 Use native memory and reference counting to implement SymbolTable
b7a938236e43 7014679 G1: deadlock during concurrent cleanup
e49cfa28f585 6999988 CMS: Increased fragmentation leading to promotion failure after CR#6631166 got implemented
986b2844f7a2 6789220 CMS: intermittent timeout running nsk/regression/b4796926
c33825b68624 6923430 G1: assert(res != 0,"This should have worked.")
7007446 G1: expand the heap with a single step, not one region at a time
176d0be30214 7016998 gcutil class LinearLeastSquareFit doesn't initialize some of its fields
d70fe6ab4436 6588413 Use -fvisibility=hidden for gcc compiles
b92c45f2bc75 7016023 Enable building ARM and PPC from src/closed repository
face83fc8882 7012088 jump to 0 address because of lack of memory ordering in SignatureHandlerLibrary::add
bf8517f4e4d0 6766644 Redefinition of compiled method fails with assertion "Can not load classes with the Compiler thread"
d28def44457d 7017009 Secondary out of c-heap memory error reporting out of memory
d8a72fbc4be7 7003401 Implement VM error-reporting functionality on erroneous termination
fb539912d338 6472925 OutOfMemoryError fails to generate stack trace as it now ought
f36c9fe788b8 7017673 Remove setting of the sun.jkernel.DownloadManager as a boot classloader hook
63d374c54045 7014918 Improve core/minidump handling in Hotspot
b83527d0482d 7018366 hotspot/runtime_erro Fix for 7014918 does not build using MVC 2003
762bc029de50 7019104 Bump the HS21 build number to 02
e9aa2ca89ad6 7019718 make error reporting flags product instead of diagnostic
cdef89d821bd 7013964 openjdk LICENSE file needs rebranding
7dc5384467e0 7022659 errorHandler doesn't compile without precompiled headers
c798c277ddd1 7015169 GC Cause not always set
c5a923563727 6912621 iCMS: Error: assert(_markBitMap.isMarked(addr + 1),"Missing Printezis bit?")
e5383553fd4e 7014851 Remove unused parallel compaction code
59e20a452a2a 7017008 G1: Turn on compressed oops by default.
183658a2d0b3 7018302 newly added assert related to size of constantPoolOop causes secondary assertions or crashes
55cc33cf55bc 7018257 jmm_DumpThreads allocates into permgen
15d6977f04b0 7017824 Add support for creating 64-bit Visual Studio projects
7aa1f99ca301 7019157 errorHandler doesn't compile with super old gcc without precompiled headers
de14f1eee390 6954420 2/4 jps shows "process information unavailable" sometimes
b76d12f4ab2d 7018429 JPRT: Update Makefile to use ALT_JDK_TARGET_IMPORT_PATH for copying JDK
c08677f98289 6840152 JVM crashes when heavyweight monitors are used
3adec115d40d 7019689 Non-dependent name is found in dependent base class although it should be rejected
6e70f1bb7f6f 7019557 SharedMiscDataSize too small for 64-bit fastdebug JVM
4f26f535a225 6354181 nsk.logging.stress.threads.scmhml001 fails assertion in "src/share/vm/oops/instanceKlass.cpp, 111"
638119ce7cfd 7009309 JSR 292: compiler/6991596/ crashes on fastdebug JDK7/b122
fbf3184da15d 7012339 JSR 292 crash in G1SATBCardTableModRefBS::write_ref_field_pre_work()
c52cba2a3359 7014998 assert(is_T_family(features) == is_niagara(features)) failed: Niagara should be T series
194c9fdee631 7017240 C2: native memory leak in nsk/regression/b4675027 on windows-x86 in comp mode with G1
3763ca6579b7 7013538 Java memory leak with escape analysis
f7de3327c683 7017124 Fix some VM stats to avoid 32-bit overflow
336d17dff7cc 7014874 Incorrect COOPs modes on solaris-{sparcv9,amd64} with ParallelGC
72d6c57d0658 7017434 Tiered needs to support reprofiling
62a8557e8f36 7018277 JSR 292 change test/compiler/6987555/ to new MH syntax
ab42c7e1cf83 7017746 Regression : C2 compiler crash due to SIGSEGV in PhaseCFG::schedule_early()
bf29934d2f4f 7018849 7017124 fix broke VM build on some platforms
173926398291 7018673 Zero: 6953144, 6990754 and 7009756 made some changes which broke Zero
34457f6ac818 7018506 CTW swallowing OOMs after symbol changes
28bf941f445e 7018378 JSR 292: _bound_int_mh produces wrong result on 64-bit SPARC
2a57c59eb548 7018101 os::dll_address_to_function_name returning wrong answers in 64 bit
1957c1478794 7019819 bare oop in ciField
6bbaedb03534 7016474 string compare intrinsic improvements
5841dc1964f0 7021531 lock ordering problems after fix for 6354181
162b62460264 7021953 Remove flags from globals.hpp inadvertently dragged in by 7016023
02f78cfa4656 7020992 jmm_DumpThreads should not allocate system object arrays outside the perm gen
658d198b2e04 7022570 Bump the HS21 build number to 03
f91db74a6810 7017640 Fix for 6766644 deadlocks on some NSK tests when running with -Xcomp
da091bb67459 7022037 Pause when exiting if debugger is attached on windows
c1a6154012c8 7020118 Alter frame assignability to allow for exception handler coverage of invokespecial
5584e20db481 7023323 Build failure on VS2003: IsDebuggerPresent not found
4a9604cd7c5f 6878713 Verifier heap corruption, relating to backward jsrs
99bd05619fa4 7017110 Add /SAFESEH to links on windows 32bit to verify safe exceptions
4e0069ff33df 7022200 G1: optimized build broken
d89a22843c62 7020521 arraycopy stubs place prebarriers incorrectly
d411927672ed 7012072 CompileTheWorld causes incorrect class initialization
5a41a201d08c 6812217 Base memory of MergeMem node violates assert during killing expanded AllocateArray node
6f3746e69a78 7021603 crash in fill_sync_handler with ExtendedDTrace probes
41d4973cf100 6942326 x86 code in string_indexof() could read beyond reserved heap space
1b4e6a5d98e0 7012914 JSR 292 MethodHandlesTest C1: frame::verify_return_pc(return_address) failed: must be a return pc
50c0f22d6d0e 7023229 extraneous include of precompiled.hpp in hsdis.c
bc6b27fb3568 6725983 Assertion "method->method_holder())->is_not_initialized(),"method holder must be initialized"
0ac769a57c64 6627983 G1: Bad oop deference during marking
3c76374706ea 7024814 Bump the HS21 build number to 04
9f44e9aad2d9 7022999 Can't build with FORCE_TIERED=0
fbbeec6dad2d 6512830 Error: assert(tag_at(which).is_unresolved_klass(), "Corrupted constant pool")
f767174aac14 7021653 Parfait issue in hotspot/src/share/vm/oops/methodDataOops.hpp
dbad0519a1c4 6845426 non-static method with no args is called during the class initialization process
df1347358fe6 7024584 Symbol printouts shouldnt be under PrintGCDetails
4f148718983e 7025485 leverage shared x86-only deoptimization code
3d5a546351ef 7023931 PcDescCache::find_pc_desc should not write _last_pc_desc
216d916d5c12 7024234 2/3 jvmti tests fail assert(!_oops_are_stale) failed: oops are stale on Win-AMD64
46a56fac55c7 7024970 2/3 assert(ServiceThread::is_service_thread(Thread::current())) failed: Service thread must post enqueue
8a3f8defe568 7019165 Incorrect symbols in pstack output after SymbolTable changes
b9684d5ccb52 7011490 Wrong computation results in Test6880034
5d8f5a6dced7 7020403 Add AdvancedCompilationPolicy for tiered
4cd9add59b1e 7024866 # assert(limit == NULL || limit <= nm->code_end()) failed: in bounds
8e72cd29b15d 6589823 Error: meet not symmetric
425688247f3d 6965570 assert(!needs_patching && x->is_loaded(),"how do we know it's volatile if it's not loaded")
1c0cf339481b 7025742 Can not use CodeCache::unallocated_capacity() with fragmented CodeCache
83f08886981c 7026631 field _klass is incorrectly set for dual type of TypeAryPtr::OOPS
72dee110246f 6839872 remove implementation inheritance from JSR 292 APIs
8033953d67ff 7012648 move JSR 292 to package java.lang.invoke and adjust names
82de9bd880e3 7028394 Newer AMD Processor Prefetch Defaults
d2134498fd3f 7011865 JSR 292 CTW fails: !THREAD->is_Compiler_thread() failed: Can not load classes with the Compiler thre
1216415d8e35 7014923 G1: code cleanup
a2c2eac1ca62 7018056 large pages not always enabled by default
c93aa6caa02f 7022943 G1: improve logging to avoid interleaved numbers
04d1138b4cce 7023747 G1: too strict assert in RefineRecordRefsIntoCSCardTableEntryClosure::do_card_ptr in g1RemSet.cpp
a181f3a124dd 6987703 iCMS: Intermittent hang with gc/gctests/CallGC/CallGC01 and +ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent
1fb790245268 6820066 Check that -XX:ParGCArrayScanChunk has a value larger than zero.
dde920245681 6896099 Integrate CMS heap ergo with default heap sizing ergo
6627787 CMS: JVM refuses to start up with -Xms16m -Xmx16m
7000125 CMS: Anti-monotone young gen sizing with respect to maximum whole heap size specification
7027529 CMS: retire CMSUseOldDefaults flag
92da084fefc9 6668573 CMS: reference processing crash if ParallelCMSThreads > ParallelGCThreads
b898f0fc3ced 7028846 Bump the HS21 build number to 05
d673ef06fe96 7028374 race in fix_oop_relocations for scavengeable nmethods
c7f3d0b4570f 7017732 move static fields into Class to prepare for perm gen removal
57552dca1708 7029509 nightly failures after static fields in Class
924777755fad 6962930 make the string table size configurable
b099aaf51bf8 6962931 move interned strings out of the perm gen
32f7097f9d8f 7030300 more nightly failures after statics in Class changes
3ef1a1866a60 7027232 JSR 292: wrong numeric value returned by MH on solaris-sparc
9dc311b8473e 7008866 Missing loop predicate for loop with multiple entries
0a5d9566b8a4 7029805 JSR 292 compiler/6991596/ fails in nightly
083f13976b51 6535709 interrupt of wait()ing thread isn't triggerring InterruptedException - test intwait3
fc416c2556ec 7025628 Remove the temporary hack added for jdk modularization in hotspot
bd586e392d93 7031227 Bump the HS21 build number to 06
74e790c48cd4 7031571 Generate native VS2010 project files
151da0c145a8 7030207 Zero tweak to remove accidentally incorporated code
322a41ec766c 7025708 Assertion if using "-XX:+CITraceTypeFlow -XX:+Verbose" together
29524004ce17 7022204 LogFile wildcarding should use %p instead of star
7e88bdae86ec 7029017 Additional architecture support for c2 compiler
1927db75dd85 7024475 loop doesn't terminate when compiled
b40d4fa697bf 6964776 c2 should ensure the polling page is reachable on 64 bit
3d58a4983660 7022998 JSR 292 recursive method handle calls inline themselves infinitely
a988a7bb3b8a 7032133 Enable sse4.2 for new AMD processors
b1c22848507b 6741940 Nonvolatile XMM registers not preserved across JNI calls
2cd0180da6e1 7032306 Fastdebug build failure on Solaris with SS11 compilers
348c0df561a9 7026307 DEBUG MESSAGE: broken null klass on amd64
63997f575155 7031614 jmap -permstat fails with java.lang.InternalError in sun.jvm.hotspot.oops.OopField.getValue
f9424955eb18 7029152 Ideal nodes for String intrinsics miss memory edge optimization
e2eb7f986c64 6564610 assert(UseCompiler || CompileTheWorld, "UseCompiler should be set by now.")
09f96c3ff1ad 7032388 guarantee(VM_Version::supports_cmov()) failed: illegal instruction on i586 after 6919934
38fea01eb669 6817525 turn on method handle functionality by default for JSR 292
cb162b348743 7032696 Fix for 7029152 broke VM
352622fd140a 7032129 Native memory usage grow unexpectedly for vm/oom/*InternedString tests
8010c8c623ac 7032849 7022998 changes broke hs_err compile task print
2dbcb4a4d8da 7033237 Bump the HS21 build number to 07
1d1603768966 7010070 Update all 2010 Oracle-changed OpenJDK files to have the proper copyright dates - second pass
a0de1dfd1933 7030435 Some oop_oop_iterate_m() methods iterate outside of specified memory bounds
5134fa1cfe63 7029036 Card-table verification hangs with all framework collectors, except G1, even before the first GC
5c0b591e1074 6948149 G1: Imbalance in termination times
02f49b66361a 7026932 G1: No need to abort VM when card count cache expansion fails
455328d90876 7029458 G1: Add newly-reclaimed regions to the beginning of the region free list, not the end
abdfc822206f 7023069 G1: Introduce symmetric locking in the slow allocation path
7023151 G1: refactor the code that operates on _cur_alloc_region to be re-used for allocs by the GC threads
7018286 G1: humongous allocation attempts should take the GC locker into account
c84ee870e0b9 7033292 G1: nightly failure: Non-dirty cards in region that should be dirty
371bbc844bf1 7027766 G1: introduce flag to dump the liveness information per region at the end of marking
8f1042ff784d 7020042 G1: Partially remove fix for 6994628
0930dc920c18 7035259 Bump the HS21 build number to 08
c2323e2ea62b 6385687 UseFastEmptyMethods/UseFastAccessorMethods considered harmful
f8b038506985 6909440 C2 fails with assertion (_always_cold->is_cold(),"must always be cold")
07acc51c1d2a 7032314 Allow to generate CallLeafNoFPNode in IdealKit
08eb13460b3a 7004535 Clone loop predicate during loop unswitch
13bc79b5c9c8 7033154 Improve C1 arraycopy performance
e863062e521d 7032458 Zero and Shark fixes
8b2317d732ec 7026957 assert(type2aelembytes(store->as_Mem()->memory_type(), true) == 1 << shift->in(2)->get_int()) failed
bb22629531fa 7033732 C1: When calling c2 arraycopy stubs offsets and length must have clear upper 32bits
87ce328c6a21 6528013 C1 CTW failure with -XX:+VerifyOops assert(allocates2(pc),"")
d7a3fed1c1c9 7004547 regular loop unroll should not unroll more than max unrolling
479b4b4b6950 6777083 assert(target != __null,"must not be null")
527977d4f740 7033779 CodeCache::largest_free_block may need to hold the CodeCache lock
98c560260039 7034513 enable fast accessors and empty methods for ZERO and -Xint
55973726c600 6992789 assert(phi->_idx >= nodes_size()) failed: only new Phi per instance memory slice
ed69575596ac 6981791 remove experimental code for JSR 292
758ba0bf7bcc 7012087 JSR 292 Misleading exception message for a non-bound MH for a virtual method
4124a5a27707 7009600 JSR 292 Server compiler crashes in Compile::find_intrinsic(ciMethod*, bool)
3f49d30f8184 7034957 acquiring lock CodeCache_lock/1 out of order with lock tty_lock/0 -- possible deadlock
d86923d96dca 7034967 C1: assert(false) failed: error (assembler_sparc.cpp:2043)
3af54845df98 7004555 Add new policy for one iteration loops
3fa3c7e4d4f3 7035161 assert(!o->is_null_object()) failed: null object not yet handled here.
677234770800 7017193 Small memory leak in get_stack_bounds os::create_stack_guard_pages
b025bffd6c2c 7032775 Include Shark code in the build again
37be97a58393 7010849 5/5 Extraneous javac source/target options when building sa-jdi
7144a1d6e0a9 7030388 JCK test failed to reject invalid class check01304m10n.
11427f216063 7009276 Add -XX:+IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions to several tests
1dac0f3af89f 7019210 Fix misc references to /bugreport websites
c49c3947b98a 7034625 Product builds in Visual Studio projects should produce full symbol information
6a615eae2f34 7034585 Adjust fillInStackTrace filtering to assist 6998871
328926869b15 6987991 JSR 292 phpreboot test/testtracefun2.phpr segfaults
15c9a0e16269 7035713 3DNow Prefetch Instruction Support
4b95bbb36464 7035870 JSR 292: Zero support
3a808be061ff 6988308 assert((cnt > 0.0f) && (prob > 0.0f)) failed: Bad frequency assignment in if
dbccacb79c63 7036236 VM crashes assert((!inside_attrs()) || is_error_reported()) failed ...
1fcd6e9c3965 7036220 Shark fails to find LLVM 2.9 System headers during build
611e19a16519 7037174 Bump the HS21 build number to 09
5504afd15955 7033100 CreateMinidumpOnCrash does not work for failed asserts
6c9cec219ce4 7005865 Crash when running with PrintIRWithLIR
8ce625481709 7032407 Crash in LinkResolver::runtime_resolve_virtual_method()
fcc932c8238c 7007254 NullPointerException occurs with jvisualvm placed under a dir. including Japanese chars
e6beb62de02d 7032963 StoreCM shouldn't participate in store elimination
e1162778c1c8 7009266 G1: assert(obj->is_oop_or_null(true )) failed: Error
9c4f56ff88e9 7034133 cleanup obsolete option handling
eda9eb483d29 6841742 par compact - remove unused/unsupported options
59766fd005ff 7035117 G1: nsk/stress/jni/jnistress002 fails with assertion failure
c69b1043dfb1 7036482 clear argument is redundant and unused in cardtable methods
edd9b016deb6 7036021 G1: build failure on win64 and linux with hs21 in jdk6 build environment
1d0b856224f8 6946385 G1: jstat does not support G1 GC
527b586edf24 7036706 G1: Use LIR_OprDesc::as_pointer_register in code changes for 7035117
d283b8296671 7039044 Bump the HS21 build number to 10
4ca65400aa33 6631003 Add hg tip changeset to build image
7ec4bb02d5f0 7035861 linux-armsflt: assert(ni->data() == (int)(x + o)) failed: instructions must match
01147d8aac1d 7009923 JSR 292: VM crash in JavaThread::last_frame
2a23b1b5a0a8 7018355 JSR 292: VM crash in DefNewGeneration::copy_to_survivor_space
bbe95b4337f1 7036960 TemplateTable::fast_aldc in templateTable_x86_64.cpp uses movptr instead of load_klass
2a34a4fbc52c 7037812 few more defaults changes for new AMD processors
d934e4b931e9 7009346 java/dyn/ fails with NPE on solaris-sparc with -Xcomp
66b0e2371912 7026700 regression in 6u24-rev-b23: Crash in C2 compiler in PhaseIdealLoop::build_loop_late_post
08ccee2c4dbf 6993078 JSR 292 too many pushes: Lesp points into register window
548597e74aa4 7030715 JSR 292 JRuby test/test_super_call_site_caching.rb asserts with +DoEscapeAnalysis
273b56978029 7039586 test/java/util/Collections/ failing with hs21-b09
149bb459be66 7029167 add support for conditional card marks
01fd6090fdd8 7032162 assert(flat != TypePtr::BOTTOM) failed: cannot alias-analyze an untyped ptr
49a67202bc67 7011855 G1: non-product flag to artificially grow the heap
139667d9836a 7034464 Support transparent large pages on Linux
c48ad6ab8bdf 7037276 Unnecessary double traversal of dirty card windows
b52782ae3880 6946417 G1: Java VisualVM does not support G1 properly.
d6cdc6c77582 7037250 cscope.make database generation is silently broken
c303b3532d4a 7037939 NUMA: Disable adaptive resizing if SHM large pages are used
1f4413413144 7039089 G1: changeset for 7037276 broke heap verification, and related cleanups
86ebb26bcdeb 7037756 Deadlock in compiler thread similiar to 6789220
3aea9e9feb07 7040777 Bump the HS21 build number to 11
2a3da7eaf4a6 7036747 7017009 reappeared, problem with ElfStringTable
0cddebc420d8 7039447 2/1 java profiling is broken in build 139 (garbage in function name)
dddc5753c53a 7019808 build fails on Fedora 14: SELinux run-time check: execution of stack in
405c634f4aaa 7028172 3/4 SA needs to adapt to Solaris libproc change made in 6748307
250642c729b4 7041156 gcc 4.6 doesn't recognise -export-dynamic option
da880ba4edf9 7031385 incorrect register allocation in release_store_fence on linux x86
69e41359aef0 6986065 Rebrand exe/dll company names
5781ed5f1865 7041410 5/4 finish removing SOLARIS_7_OR_LATER from HotSpot
da0fffdcc453 7040410 -Xloggc: incorrectly enables TraceClassUnloading causing tracing on tty
cd8e33b2a8ad 7034139 G1: assert(Thread::current()->is_ConcurrentGC_thread()) failed: only a conc GC thread can call this.
063382f9b575 7035144 G1: nightly failure: Non-dirty cards in region that should be dirty (failures still exist...)
188c9a5d6a6d 7040485 Use transparent huge page on linux by default
a1d5f532838d 7040068 CMS: Possibly unsafe initialization of BlockOffsetArrayUseUnallocatedBlock
567c87d484a0 7041501 NUMA: Expand the old gen more aggressively
75af3e8de182 7040450 G1: assert((_g1->evacuation_failed()) || (!_g1->obj_in_cs(obj))) failed: shouldn't still be in ...
acf5e660c71a 6728025 LinkResolver is missing some ResourceMarks
6c978a541c03 7036267 c2/arm: mark version number as experimental and disable on unsupported platforms
277d0f6ca64d 7005503 Make GuaranteedSafepointInterval a diagnostic flag
1d80a2429f59 7033669 JVM TI spec has to be changed to not contain URLS to the VM Spec
ededdaaf8ca5 7036525 Disable alternative source mechanism for OPENJDK builds
ae93231c7a1f 7039652 Performance regression after 7004547 changes
b21ecca7ccc4 6552561 MaxRecursiveInlineLevel flag doesn't operate correctly
2e038ad0c1d0 7009361 JSR 292 Invalid value on stack on solaris-sparc with -Xcomp
e6d7eed3330c 7041100 The load in String.equals intrinsic executed before null check
f1d6640088a1 6796786 invalid FP identity transform - (a - b) -> b - a
eae35325e5e1 7041603 standalone SA doesn't build after 7010849
e9b8ef09622a 7041582 set_mode_flags isn't called without -Xmixed specified
8d944991dbf9 7041244 JSR 292: Server VM gets a SEGV running a JCK test
bad7ecd0b6ed 5091921 Sign flip issues in loop optimizer
dcfb3dede009 7042052 Xcomp crash with PopSynchronousTest
37e4df3c8952 7042070 Typo in
f879eafd5835 7042327 assert(opaq->outcnt() == 1 && opaq->in(1) == limit)
9ad1548c6b63 7040779 Bump the HS21 build number to 12
357d1f583599 7043298 4/4 fix for 7028172 causes "Label too long: ..." error message
78542e2b5e35 7036199 Adding a notification to the implementation of GarbageCollectorMXBeans
fc2b798ab316 6883834 ParNew: assert(!_g->to()->is_in_reserved(obj),"Scanning field twice?") with LargeObjects tests
97b64f73103b 7043564 compile warning and copyright fixes
7d64aa23eb96 7043891 CMS: assert(_whole_heap.contains(p)) failed: out of bounds access to card marking array
d4c1fbc3de95 7042153 guarantee(x_compare_res != Constant::not_comparable) failed: incomparable constants in IfOp
167b70ff3abc 6939861 JVM should handle more conversion operations
3cfb240033d1 7043301 assert(locals < caller->fp() || locals > (caller->fp() + 16)) failed: locals in save area
e2a92dd0d3d2 7042122 JSR 292: adjust various inline thresholds for JSR 292 API methods and method handle adapters
3b1d58916d5f 7043552 regression after 7042327
69c94f488271 7043040 JSR292: JRuby bench/shootout/binarytrees.ruby-2.ruby SEGV: constantPoolKlass::oop_follow_contents
3d2ab563047a 7043461 VM crashes in void LinkResolver::runtime_resolve_virtual_method
fabcf26ee72f 6998541 JSR 292 implement missing return-type conversion for OP_RETYPE_RAW
c149193c768b 7040780 Bump the HS21 build number to 13
2aa9ddbb9e60 7041789 30% perf regression with c2/arm following 7017732
69293e516993 7041440 G1: assert(obj->is_oop_or_null(true )) failed: Error #
03b943e6c025 7035744 jprt no longer does open-only builds
38569792a45a 7044725 -XX:-UnrollLimitCheck -Xcomp : Exception: String index out of range: 29488
f52ed367b66d 6996747 SIGSEGV in nmethod::cleanup_inline_caches / CompiledIC::verify
33ae33516634 7045515 ARM assembly code for JSR 292 ricochet frames
231c2b41ea4d 7045570 compiler/5091921/ failed because not enough space for object heap
2848194272f4 7044892 JSR 292: API entry points sometimes throw the wrong exceptions or doesn't throw the expected one
a80577f854f9 7045513 JSR 292 inlining causes crashes in methodHandleWalk.cpp
62f39d40ebf1 7040781 Bump the HS21 build number to 14
fe189d4a44e9 7044486 open jdk repos have files with incorrect copyright headers, which can end up in src bundles
2b27ef5c2173 7046096 SEGV IN C2 WITH 6U25
789d04408ca3 7045693 java/util/EnumSet/ still failing intermittently
b55f5bd7ec66 7045506 assert(!can_reshape || !new_phi) failed: for igvn new phi should be hooked
7523488edce5 7047300 VM crashes with assert(_base == InstPtr) failed: Not an object pointer
ccf072cdba91 7046893 LP64 problem with double_quadword in c1_LIRAssembler_x86.cpp
28a9fe9534ea 7048030 is_scavengable changes causing compiler to embed more constants
7db2b9499c36 7046732 JSR 292 assert(result == cpce->f1()) failed: expected result for assembly code
2d4b2b833d29 7033141 assert(has_cp_cache(i)) failed: oob
8cbcd406c42e 7042740 CMS: assert(n> q) failed: Looping at: ... blockOffsetTable.cpp:557
472fc37e14a9 7049385 Bump the HS21 build number to 15
1aa57c62d0e4 7045697 JDK7 THIRD PARTY README update
9340a27154cb 7048332 Cadd_cmpLTMask doesn't handle 64-bit tmp register properly
ea0da5474c23 7047069 Array can dynamically change size when assigned to an object field
88559690c95a 7047961 JSR 292 MethodHandleWalk swap args doesn't handle T_LONG and T_DOUBLE properly
442ef93966a9 7047491 C1: registers saved incorrectly when calling checkcast_arraycopy stub
f88fb2fa90cf 6956668 misbehavior of XOR operator (^) with int
ba550512d3b2 7049415 Failure of resolution of sym.reference to the c.s.s. should be wrapped in BootstrapMethodError
c76d5f44a3fe 7049410 JSR 292 old method name MethodHandle.invokeGeneric should not be accepted by the JVM
deaa3ce90583 7049928 VM crashes with "assert(_adapter != NULL) failed: must have" at methodOop.cpp:63
540930dc854d 7020373 JSR rewriting can overflow memory address size variables
5def270bc147 7016797 Hotspot: securely/restrictive load dlls and new API for loading system dlls
a884a8b0ec6d 7055247 Ignore test of # 7020373
f56542cb325a 7050554 JSR 292 - need optimization for selectAlternative
f7d55ea6ee56 7045514 SPARC assembly code for JSR 292 ricochet frames
293f68bda347 7050280 assert(u->as_Unlock()->is_eliminated()) failed: sanity
07c2e7ffd1fc 7047697 MethodHandle.invokeExact call for wrong method causes VM failure if run with -Xcomp
fc043ce2136c 7055788 Bump the HS21 build number to 16
a9b8b43b115f 7052219 JSR 292: Crash in ~BufferBlob::MethodHandles adapters
3275a6560cf7 7053520 JSR292: crash in invokedynamic with C1 using tiered and compressed oops
38fa55e5e792 7055355 JSR 292: crash while throwing WrongMethodTypeException
f6ba9007b2c6 7057046 Add embedded license to THIRD PARTY README
782e2bb60c41 7052494 Eclipse test fails on JDK 7 b142
a3081a3a2b54 7056380 VM crashes with SIGSEGV in compiled code
393e144bb99b 7057587 JSR 292 - crash with jruby in test/test_respond_to.rb
e9b51b4bdcc7 7057556 Bump the HS21 build number to 17
81d815b05abb 7056328 JSR 292 invocation sometimes fails in adapters for types not on boot class path
303a4d63b484 7082689 allow duplicate bug ids in jdk7u repos
c7c81f18c834 7048332 Cadd_cmpLTMask doesn't handle 64-bit tmp register properly
28263a73ebfb 7047491 C1: registers saved incorrectly when calling checkcast_arraycopy stub
5ac411b3b8fc 7047961 JSR 292 MethodHandleWalk swap args doesn't handle T_LONG and T_DOUBLE properly
b2cb497dec28 7047069 Array can dynamically change size when assigned to an object field
33e2b8f1d466 6956668 misbehavior of XOR operator (^) with int
60b8287df30e 7049415 Failure of resolution of sym.reference to the c.s.s. should be wrapped in BootstrapMethodError
a93146d0e4be 7049410 JSR 292 old method name MethodHandle.invokeGeneric should not be accepted by the JVM
537a4053b0f9 7042740 CMS: assert(n> q) failed: Looping at: ... blockOffsetTable.cpp:557
d3b9f2be46ab 7033141 assert(has_cp_cache(i)) failed: oob
9dd6c4ba364f 7049928 VM crashes with "assert(_adapter != NULL) failed: must have" at methodOop.cpp:63
f918d6096e23 7050554 JSR 292 - need optimization for selectAlternative
cba7b5c2d53f 7045514 SPARC assembly code for JSR 292 ricochet frames
642c68c75db9 7050280 assert(u->as_Unlock()->is_eliminated()) failed: sanity
5cf771a79037 7047697 MethodHandle.invokeExact call for wrong method causes VM failure if run with -Xcomp
c8f2186acf6d 7053520 JSR292: crash in invokedynamic with C1 using tiered and compressed oops
f8c9417e3571 7052219 JSR 292: Crash in ~BufferBlob::MethodHandles adapters
e2af886d540b 7061691 Fork HS21 to HS22 - renumber Minor and build numbers of JVM
1e3493ac2d11 7048342 CMS: eob == _limit || fc->isFree() failed: Only a free chunk should allow us to cross over the limit
5c0a3c1858b1 7048782 CMS: assert(last_chunk_index_to_check<= last_chunk_index) failed: parCardTableModRefBS.cpp:359
053d84a76d3d 7032531 G1: enhance GC logging to include more accurate eden / survivor size transitions
ae5b2f1dcf12 7045662 G1: OopsInHeapRegionClosure::set_region() should not be virtual
c3f1170908be 7045330 G1: Simplify/fix the HeapRegionSeq class
7042285 G1: native memory leak during humongous object allocation
6804436 G1: heap region indices should be size_t
2a241e764894 6941923 RFE: Handling large log files produced by long running Java Applications
ef2d1b8f2dd4 7051430 CMS: ongoing CMS cycle should terminate abruptly to allow prompt JVM termination at exit
74cd10898bea 6918185 Remove unused code for lost card-marking optimization in BacktraceBuilder
842b840e67db 7046558 G1: concurrent marking optimizations
6747fd0512e0 7004681 G1: Extend marking verification to Full GCs
5130fa1b24f1 7045751 G1: +ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent causes excessive single region evacuation pauses
c9ca3f51cf41 6994322 Remove the is_tlab and is_noref / is_large_noref parameters from the CollectedHeap
f75137faa7fe 6916968 CMS: freeList.cpp:304 assert(_allocation_stats.prevSweep() + ..., "Conservation Principle")
23d434c6290d 7055073 G1: code cleanup in the concurrentMark.* files
e8b0b0392037 7046182 G1: remove unnecessary iterations over the collection set
5f6f2615433a 7049999 G1: Make the G1PrintHeapRegions output consistent and complete
04760e41b01e 7016112 CMS: crash during promotion testing
d83ac25d0304 7055355 JSR 292: crash while throwing WrongMethodTypeException
aacaff365100 7052494 Eclipse test fails on JDK 7 b142
de6a837d75cf 7056380 VM crashes with SIGSEGV in compiled code
aabf25fa3f05 7057587 JSR 292 - crash with jruby in test/test_respond_to.rb
ddd894528dbc 7056328 JSR 292 invocation sometimes fails in adapters for types not on boot class path
498c6cf70f7e 7058036 FieldsAllocationStyle=2 does not work in 32-bit VM
6ae7a1561b53 6990015 Incorrect Icache line size is used for 64 bit x86
e3cbc9ddd434 7044738 Loop unroll optimization causes incorrect result
7889bbcc7f88 7047954 VM crashes with assert(is_Mem()) failed
6f6e91603a45 7058689 Tiered: Reprofiling doesn't happen in presence of level 4 OSR methods
2c359f27615c 7057120 Tiered: Allow C1 to inline methods with loops
15559220ce79 6478991 C1 NullCheckEliminator yields incorrect exceptions
fe240d87c6ec 7061101 adlc should complain about mixing block and expression forms of ins_encode
3e23978ea0c3 7062856 Disassembler needs to be smarter about finding hsdis after 1.7 launcher changes
7d9e451f5416 7061187 need some includes for arm/ppc
eb94b7226b7a 7061192 option handling adjustments for oracle and embedded builds
65dba8692db7 7061197 ThreadLocalStorage sp map table should be optional
48048b59a551 7061204 clean the chunk table synchronously in embedded builds
bf6481e5f96d 7061225 os::print_cpu_info() should support os-specific data
8a4fc2990229 7053189 remove some unnecessary platform-dependent includes
b0b8491925fe 7061212 use o/s low memory notification in embedded builds
faa472957b38 7059034 Use movxtod/movdtox on T4
263247c478c5 7058510 multinewarray with 6 dimensions uncommon traps in server compiler
e6e7d76b2bd3 7048009 Update .jcheck/conf files for JDK 8
3fbb609d9e96 7067288 compiler regression test Test7052494 timeouts with client VM
341a57af9b0a 6990212 JSR 292 JVMTI MethodEnter hook is not called for JSR 292 bootstrap and target methods
8e5d4aa73a8c 7069176 Update the JDK version numbers in Hotspot for JDK 8
0cc8a70952c3 7070061 Adjust Hotspot make/ for new JDK8 settings
d425748f2203 7043987 3/3 JVMTI FollowReferences is slow
88dce6a60ac8 6951623 3/3 possible performance problems in FollowReferences() and GetObjectsWithTags()
109d1d265924 7052988 JPRT embedded builds don't set MINIMIZE_RAM_USAGE
0b80db433fcb 7046490 Preallocated OOME objects should obey Throwable stack trace protocol
ca1f1753c866 7072341 enable hotspot builds on Linux 3.0
14a2fd14c0db 7068240 G1: Long "parallel other time" and "ext root scanning" when running specific benchmark
6aa4feb8a366 7069863 G1: SIGSEGV running SPECjbb2011 and -UseBiasedLocking
a20e6e447d3d 7060842 UseNUMA crash with UseHugreTLBFS running SPECjvm2008
7c2653aefc46 7060836 RHEL 5.5 and 5.6 should support UseNUMA
41e6ee74f879 7072527 CMS: JMM GC counters overcount in some cases
87e40b34bc2b 7074579 G1: JVM crash with JDK7 running ATG CRMDemo Fusion App
f44782f04dd4 7039627 G1: avoid BOT updates for survivor allocations and dirty survivor regions incrementally
46cb9a7b8b01 7073913 The fix for 7017193 causes segfaults
b1cbb0907b36 7016797 Hotspot: securely/restrictive load dlls and new API for loading system dlls
279ef1916773 7065535 Mistyped function name that disabled UseLargePages on Windows
43f9d800f276 7066339 Tiered: policy should make consistent decisions about osr levels
6a991dcb52bb 7012081 JSR 292: SA-JDI can't read MH/MT/Indy ConstantPool entries
3d42f82cd811 7063628 Use cbcond on T4
4e761e7e6e12 7070134 Hotspot crashes with sigsegv from PorterStemmer
0f34fdee809e 7071427 AdapterFingerPrint can hold 8 entries per int
c7b60b601eb4 7069452 Cleanup NodeFlags
d17bd0b18663 7066143 JSR 292: Zero support after regressions from 7009923 and 7009309
ce3e1d4dc416 7060619 C1 should respect inline and dontinline directives from CompilerOracle
c96c3eb1efae 7068051 SIGSEGV in PhaseIdealLoop::build_loop_late_post
4aa5974a06dd 7075559 JPRT windows_x64 build failure
a3142bdb6707 7071823 Zero: zero/shark doesn't build after b147-fcs
a19c671188cb 7075623 6990212 broke raiseException in 64 bit
f1c12354c3f7 7074017 Introduce MemBarAcquireLock/MemBarReleaseLock nodes for monitor enter/exit code paths
6987871cfb9b 7077439 Possible reference through NULL in loopPredicate.cpp:726
95134e034042 7063629 use cbcond in C2 generated code on T4
fdb992d83a87 7071653 JSR 292: call site change notification should be pushed not pulled
11211f7cb5a0 7079317 Incorrect branch's destination block in PrintoOptoAssembly output
1af104d6cf99 7079329 Adjust allocation prefetching for T4
381bf869f784 7079626 x64 emits unnecessary REX prefix
bd87c0dcaba5 7079769 JSR 292: incorrect size() for CallStaticJavaHandle on sparc
739a9abbbd4b 7080431 VM asserts if specified size(x) in .ad is larger than emitted size
24cee90e9453 6791672 enable 1G and larger pages on solaris
3be7439273c5 7044486 open jdk repos have files with incorrect copyright headers, which can end up in src bundles
8b135e6129d6 7045697 JDK7 THIRD PARTY README update
52e4ba46751f 7020373 JSR rewriting can overflow memory address size variables
bca686989d4b 7055247 Ignore test of # 7020373
337ffef74c37 7057046 Add embedded license to THIRD PARTY README
7c29742c41b4 7081251 bump the hs22 build number to 02
ff53346271fe 6814390 G1: remove the concept of non-generational G1
ae73da50be4b 7081064 G1: remove develop params G1FixedSurvivorSpaceSize, G1FixedTenuringThreshold, and G1FixedEdenSize
7f776886a215 6810861 G1: support -XX:+{PrintClassHistogram,HeapDump}{Before,After}FullGC
2f27ed2a98fa 7082220 Visual Studio projects broken after change 7016797: Hotspot: securely/restrictive load dlls and new
ff9ab6327924 7076831 TEST_BUG: compiler/5091921/ fails on LOW MEM SYSTEMS
a594deb1d6dc 7081926 assert(VM_Version::supports_sse2()) failed: must support
1520340a7f35 7083916 Bump the hs22 build number to 03
ce9bde819dcb 7086589 bump the hs22 build number to 04
3cd0157e1d4d 7082969 NUMA interleaving
eeae91c9baba 7080389 G1: refactor marking code in evacuation pause copy closures
9447b2fb6fcf 7082645 Hotspot doesn't compile on old linuxes after 7060836
4fe626cbf0bf 7066841 remove MacroAssembler::br_on_reg_cond() on sparc
ac8738449b6f 7082949 JSR 292: missing ResourceMark in methodOopDesc::make_invoke_method
baf763f388e6 7059037 Use BIS for zeroing on T4
8805f8c1e23e 6591247 C2 cleans up the merge point too early during SplitIf
b27c72d69fd1 7083184 JSR 292: don't store context class argument with call site dependencies
19241ae0d839 7082263 Reflection::resolve_field/field_get/field_set are broken
b346f13112d8 7085279 C1 overflows code buffer with VerifyOops and CompressedOops
de847cac9235 7078382 JSR 292: don't count method handle adapters against inlining budgets
a64d352d1118 7085137 -XX:+VerifyOops is broken
c124e2e7463e 7083786 dead various dead chunks of code
a32de5085326 7079673 JSR 292: C1 should inline bytecoded method handle adapters
aa67216400d3 7085404 JSR 292: VolatileCallSites should have push notification too
11a4af030e4b 7071709 JSR 292: switchpoint invalidation should be pushed not pulled
2f9b79ddb05c 7039731 arraycopy could use prefetch on SPARC
2090c623107e 7016881 JSR 292: JDI: sun.jvm.hotspot.utilities.AssertionFailure: index out of bounds
c26de9aef2ed 7071307 MethodHandle bimorphic inlining should consider the frequency
7b5c767f229c 7086560 7085404 changes broke VM with -XX:-EnableInvokeDynamic
7588156f5cf9 7051798 SA-JDI: NPE in Frame.addressOfStackSlot(
c2d3caa64b3e 7086394 c2/arm: enable UseFPUForSpilling
2fecca53a2c6 7085012 ARM: com/sun/jdi/ still fails
27702f012017 7087583 Hotspot fails to allocate heap with mmap(MAP_HUGETLB)
20213c8a3c40 7050392 G1: Introduce flag to generate a log of the G1 ergonomic decisions
c2bf0120ee5d 7085906 Replace the permgen allocated sentinelRef with a self-looped end
eca1193ca245 4965777 GC changes to support use of discovered field for pending references
a6128a8ed624 7086226 UseNUMA fails on old versions of windows
4f41766176cf 7084509 G1: fix inconsistencies and mistakes in the young list target length calculations
af2ab04e0038 6929868 G1: introduce min / max young gen size bounds
3bddbf0f57d6 7087717 G1: make the G1PrintRegionLivenessInfo parameter diagnostic
513a84dd0f8b 7088991 Bump ths hs22 build number to 05
f1b4e0e0bdad 7089625 G1: policy for how many old regions to add to the CSet (when young gen is fixed) is broken
0a63380c8ac8 7090069 Java launcher hangs in infinite loop on windows when UseNUMA[Interleaving] is specified
f94227b6117b 7090259 Fix hotspot sources to build with old compilers
da6a29fb0da5 7054211 No loop unrolling done in jdk7b144 for a test update() while loop
5432047c7db7 7087445 Improve platform independence of JSR292 shared code
b0efc7ee3b31 7085860 JSR 292: implement CallSite.setTargetNormal and setTargetVolatile as native methods
fdcb1e828d53 7087947 Add regression test for 7068051
8f47d8870d9a 7087453 PhaseChaitin::yank_if_dead() should handle MachTemp inputs
2c24ef16533d 7035946 Up to 15% regression on JDK 7 b136 vs b135 on specjvm2008.crypto.rsa on x64
c565834fb592 7088020 SEGV in JNIHandleBlock::release_block
e6b1331a51d2 7086585 make Java field injection more flexible
f6f3bb0ee072 7088955 add C2 IR support to the SA
ab577c97a5f3 7089709 type "jushort" not found
2209834ccb59 7089632 assert(machtmp->outcnt() == 1) failed: expected for a MachTemp
10ee2b297ccd 7057978 improve robustness of c1 ARM back-end wrt non encodable constants
393f4b789fd0 7077806 ARM: java.lang.InternalError: bound subword value does not fit into the subword type
35c656d0b685 7090654 nightly failures after 7086585
8ab2f4108d20 7091294 disable quicksort tests
650d15d8f372 7091255 Bump the hs22 build number to 06
92be6a664a86 7105275 wrong tag added to jdk7u master repos
77e1a9153757 7091545 hs23 - set hotspot version & build number
da0999c4b733 7071904 4/4 HotSpot: Full Debug Symbols
3607aac85aa9 7051189 Need to suppress info message if -xcheck:jni used with
5cceda753a4a 7091764 Tiered: enable aastore profiling
075ea0ed9e7c 7081842 assert(Compile::current()->unique() < (uint)MaxNodeLimit) failed: Node limit exceeded
eda6988c0d81 7092236 java/util/EnumSet/ fails
f08d439fab8c 7089790 integrate bsd-port changes
a92cdbac8b9e 7081933 Use zeroing elimination optimization for large array
cb315dc80374 7092278 "jmap -finalizerinfo" throws "sun.jvm.hotspot.utilities.AssertionFailure: invalid cp index 0 137"
098acdf97f09 7096016 SA build still produces "arg list too long" errors
dc45ae774613 7096639 Tiered: Incorrect counter overflow handling for inlined methods
ae839d1e7d4c 7096010 c2: running with +PrintOptoAssembly crashes the VM when $constanttablebase is used
95607b70acb5 7096124 Bump the hs23 build number to 02
4f93f0d00802 7059019 G1: add G1 support to the SA
663cb89032b1 7092412 G1: Some roots not marked during an initial mark that gets an evacuation failure
114e52976463 7045232 G1: pool names are inconsistent with other collectors (don't have 'Space')
1847b501ae74 7068215 G1: Print reference processing time during remark
d912b598c6c3 7091032 G1: assert failure when NewRatio is used
5cc33133bc6d 7092245 G1: Wrong format specifier in G1PrintRegionLivenessInfo header output
f0ecbe78fc7b 7092238 G1: Uninitialized field gc_efficiency in G1PrintRegionLivenessInfo output
4dfb2df418f2 6484982 G1: process references during evacuation pauses
8229bd737950 7075646 G1: fix inconsistencies in the monitoring data
e807478bf9ca 7091366 re-enable quicksort tests
273b46400613 7086533 G1: assert(!_g1->is_obj_dead(obj)): We should not be preserving dead objs: g1CollectedHeap.cpp:3835
811ec3d0833b 7097053 G1: assert(da ? referent->is_oop() : referent->is_oop_or_null()) failed: referenceProcessor.cpp:1054
81aa07130d30 7097048 G1: extend the G1 SA changes to print per-heap space information
c63b928b212b 7021322 assert(object_end <= top()) failed: Object crosses promotion LAB boundary
65a8ff39a6da 7095194 G1: HeapRegion::GrainBytes, GrainWords, and CardsPerRegion should be size_t
246daf2c601d 7005808 G1: re-enable ReduceInitialCardMarks for G1
b9390528617c 7095236 G1: _markedRegions never contains NULL regions
3f24f946bc2d 7099454 /bin/sh does not support syntax used in the src/os/posix/launcher/launcher.script shell script
d1bdeef3e3e2 7098282 G1: assert(interval >= 0) failed: Sanity check, referencePolicy.cpp: 76
bc257a801090 7101096 Bump the hs23 build number to 03
940513efe83a 7097679 Tiered: events with bad bci to Gotos reduced from Ifs
ec5ce9326985 6865265 JVM crashes with "missing exception handler" error
eba73e0c7780 7096366 PPC: corruption of floating-point values with DeoptimizeALot
0abefdb54d21 7081938 JSR292: assert(magic_number_2() == MAGIC_NUMBER_2) failed
5eb9169b1a14 7092712 JSR 292: unloaded invokedynamic call sites can lead to a crash with signature types not on BCP
a786fdc79c5f 7100165 JSR 292: leftover printing code in methodHandleWalk.cpp
4bac06a82bc3 7100757 The BitSet.nextSetBit() produces incorrect result in 32bit VM on Sparc
2ef3386478e6 7096278 Update the VM name to indicate it is an embedded build
436b4a3231bf 7098194 integrate macosx-port changes
8187c94a9a87 7093690 JSR292: SA-JDI AssertionFailure: Expected raw sp likely got real sp, value was
e5928e7dab26 7098528 crash with java -XX:+ExtendedDTraceProbes
16f9fa2bf76c 7100935 win32: memmove is not atomic but is used for pd_conjoint_*_atomic operations
ec4b032a4977 7098085 G1: partially-young GCs not initiated under certain circumstances
074f0252cc13 7088680 G1: Cleanup in the G1CollectorPolicy class
bf2d2b8b1726 7095243 Disambiguate ReferenceProcessor::_discoveredSoftRefs
c9d25d93ddfe 7103619 Bump the hs23 build number to 04
5e5d4821bf07 7097516 G1: assert(0<= from_card && from_card
db89aa49298f 7099824 G1: we should take the pending list lock before doing the remark pause
c6a6e936dc68 7096030 G1: PrintGCDetails enhancements
7102445 G1: Unnecessary Resource allocations during RSet scanning
c08412904149 7099817 CMS: +FLSVerifyLists +FLSVerifyIndexTable asserts: odd slot non-empty, chunk not on free list
dbfcbecbb2dc 7102191 G1: assert(_min_desired_young_length <= initial_region_num) failed: Initial young gen size too small
5c8c7bef6403 7106092 Bump the hs23 build number to 05
d5c4c73aa855 7104173 sun/tools tests fail with debug build after 7012206
95009f678859 7106766 Move the precompiled header from the src/share/vm directory
869804b759e7 7108553 Bump the hs23 build number to 06
5bda8dae4e14 7103784 enable some flags by default
754110e02bd5 7103380 assertion failure with -XX:+PrintNativeNMethods
b20d64f83668 7090904 JSR 292: JRuby junit test crashes in PSScavengeRootsClosure::do_oop
12d38ffcba2a 7094138 JSR 292: JRuby junit test fails in CallSite.setTargetNormal: obj->is_oop() failed: sanity check
2ec638646e86 7101642 JSR 292: SIGSEGV in java.lang.invoke.MethodHandleImpl$FieldAccessor.getFieldI(Ljava/lang/Object;)I
a6eef545f1a2 7103224 collision between __LEAF define in interfaceSupport.hpp and /usr/include/sys/cdefs.h with gcc
e69a66a1457b 7059039 EA: don't change non-escaping state of NULL pointer
d8cb48376797 7097546 Optimize use of CMOVE instructions
cec1757a0134 7102657 JSR 292: C1 deoptimizes unlinked invokedynamic call sites infinitely
e0658a9b3f87 7105364 JDK8 b10 hotspot: src/share/vm/ci/ciMethodHandle.cpp Error: Use "." or "->"
34535d2cb362 7104177 Tiered: -XX:+PrintCanonicalization doesn't work with -XX:+TieredCompilation
f350490a45fd 7105611 Set::print() is broken
eba044a722a4 7103261 crash with jittester on sparc
e3b0dcc327b9 7104561 UseRDPCForConstantTableBase doesn't work after shorten branches changes
71699e9d8673 7106907 64 bit VM fails test compiler/6865265/
e342a5110bed 7106774 JSR 292: nightly test inlineMHTarget fails with wrong result
448691f285a5 7106944 assert(_pc == *pc_addr) failed may be too strong
1feb272af3a7 6636110 unaligned stackpointer leads to crash during deoptimization
59e515ee9354 7059047 EA: can't find initializing store with several CheckCastPP
44ce519bc3d1 7104960 JSR 292: +VerifyMethodHandles in product JVM can overflow buffer
c9a03402fe56 7105305 assert check_method_context proper context
e3e363b2bf19 7108242 jinfo -permstat shouldn't report interned strings as part of perm
83d0b5cd1438 7087727 JSR 292: C2 crash if ScavengeRootsInCode=2 when "static final" MethodHandle constants are in use
7e0e43cf86d6 7109887 java/util/Arrays/ fails with -XX:+DeoptimizeALot
670a74b863fc 7107042 assert(no_dead_loop) failed: dead loop detected
3c7d67df8d07 7108264 Fix for 7104173 is insufficient
5a5ed80bea5b 7105163 CMS: some mentions of MinChunkSize should be IndexSetStart
6fd81579526f 7102044 G1: VM crashes with assert(old_end != new_end) failed: don't call this otherwise
ed80554efa25 7106751 G1: gc/gctests/nativeGC03 crashes VM with SIGSEGV
8aae2050e83e 7092309 G1: introduce old region set
53074c2c4600 7099849 G1: include heap region information in hs_err files
ab5107bee78c 7110190 GCCause::to_string missing case for _adaptive_size_policy
aa4c21b00f7f 7110152 assert(size_in_words <= (julong)max_jint) failed: no overflow
2ceafe3ceb65 7110428 Crash during HeapDump operation
da4182086289 7113503 Bump the hs23 build number to 07
36b057451829 7110017 is_headless_jre should be updated to reflect the new location of awt toolkit libraries
c17bc65648de 7112308 Fix Visual Studio build for precompiled header
242b4e0e6f73 7116189 Export JVM_SetNativeThreadName from Hotspot
763f01599ff4 7116481 Commercial features in Hotspot must be gated by a switch
358eca91be48 7116730 Revert 7116481: Commercial features in Hotspot must be gated by a switch
a88de71c4e3a 7097002 G1: remove a lot of unused / redundant code from the G1CollectorPolicy class
d06a2d7fcd5b 7110718 -XX:MarkSweepAlwaysCompactCount=0 crashes the JVM
b5a5f30c483d 7110173 GCNotifier::pushNotification publishes stale data.
6071e0581859 7111795 G1: Various cleanups identified during walk through of changes for 6484965
bca17e38de00 6593758 RFE: Enhance GC ergonomics to dynamically choose ParallelGCThreads
00dd86e542eb 7114303 G1: assert(_g1->mark_in_progress()) failed: shouldn't be here otherwise
dc467e8b2c5e 7112743 G1: Reduce overhead of marking closure during evacuation pauses
ea640b5e949a 7106024 CMS: Removed unused code for precleaning in remark phase
7913e93dca52 7112997 Remove obsolete code ResetObjectsClosure and VerifyUpdateClosure
cf4dd13bbcd3 7117536 new hotspot build - hs23-b08
cd00eaeebef6 7117389 Add a framework for vendor-specific command line switch extensions to Hotspot
8657ec177a14 7117748 SA_APPLE_BOOT_JAVA and ALWAYS_PASS_TEST_GAMMA settings should not be required on MacOS X
55d777c0860a 7118648 disable compressed oops by default on MacOS X until 7118647 is fixed
e8fdaf4a66cb 7110586 C2 generates incorrect results
8c57262447d3 7105605 Use EA info to optimize pointers compare
6729bbc1fcd6 7003454 order constants in constant table by number of references in code
1bd45abaa507 6890673 Eliminate allocations immediately after EA
973293defacd 7112085 assert(fr.interpreter_frame_expression_stack_size()==0) failed: only handle empty stacks
a04a201f0f5a 7108383 JSR 292: JRuby bench_define_method_methods.rb: assert(slow_jvms != NULL) failed: miss path must not
59bc0d4d9ea3 7110489 C1: 64-bit tiered with ForceUnreachable: assert(reachable(src)) failed: Address should be reachable
7793051af7d6 7110058 change default for ScavengeRootsInCode to 2
f03a3c8bd5e5 7077312 Provide a CALL effect for instruct declaration in the ad file
db2e64ca2d5a 7090968 Allow adlc register class to depend on runtime conditions
cc81b9c09bbb 7112478 after 7105605 JRuby bench_define_method_methods.rb fails with NPE
97825a4f7369 7116795 Tiered: enable by default for server
f745b2be3737 7117282 assert(base == NULL || t_adr->isa_rawptr() || !phase->type(base)
4406629aa157 7114095 G1: assert(obj == oopDesc::load_decode_heap_oop(p)) failed: p should still be pointing to obj
f1391adc6681 7112034 Parallel CMS fails to properly mark reference objects
f4414323345f 7116081 USE_PRECOMPILED_HEADER=0 triggers a single threaded build of the JVM
d23d2b18183e 7118202 G1: eden size unnecessarily drops to a minimum
6d7d0790074d 7119584 UseParallelGC barrier task can be overwritten.
3b688d6ff3d0 7104647 Adding a diagnostic command framework
434acc838772 7122001 new hotspot build - hs23-b09
3c648b9ad052 7121373 Clean up CollectedHeap::is_in
fd2b426c30db 7119908 G1: Cache CSet start region for each worker for subsequent reuse
41406797186b 7113012 G1: rename not-fully-young GCs as "mixed"
adedfbbf0360 7120038 G1: ParallelGCThreads==0 is broken
e7dead7e90af 7117303 VM uses non-monotonic time source and complains that it is non-monotonic
96ce4c27112f 7122939 TraceBytecodes broken with UseCompressedOops
6c995c08526c 7122880 Extend vendor-specific command interface to include manageable switches
11c26bfcf8c7 7091417 recvfrom's 6th input should be of type socklen_t
c01e115b095e 7064927 retransformClasses() does not pass in LocalVariableTable of a method
0841c0ec2ed6 7123810 new hotspot build - hs23-b10
3b2b58fb1425 7123165 G1: output during parallel verification can get messed up
67fdcb391461 7119027 G1: use atomics to update RS length / predict time of inc CSet
441e946dc1af 7121618 Change type of number of GC workers to unsigned int.
1cbe7978b021 7113021 G1: automatically enable young gen size auto-tuning when -Xms==-Xmx
4ceaf61479fc 7122253 Instrumentation.retransformClasses() leaks class bytes
20bfb6d15a94 7124829 NUMA: memory leak on Linux with large pages
776173fc2df9 7125516 G1: ~ConcurrentMark() frees incorrectly
75c0a73eee98 7102776 Pack instanceKlass boolean fields into single u1 field
52b5d32fbfaf 7117052 instanceKlass::_init_state can be u1 type
eccc4b1f8945 7050298 ARM: SIGSEGV in JNIHandleBlock::allocate_handle
dca455dea3a7 7116216 StackOverflow GC crash
cd5d8cafcc84 7123315 instanceKlass::_static_oop_field_count and instanceKlass::_java_fields_count should be u2 type.
b6a04c79ccbc 7125503 Compiling collectedHeap.cpp fails with -Werror=int-to-pointer-cast with g++ 4.6.1
7ab5f6318694 7125934 Add a fast unordered timestamp capability to Hotspot on x86/x64
b16494a69d3d 7126185 Clean up lasterror handling, add os::get_last_error()
5b58979183f9 7127032 fix for 7122253 adds a JvmtiThreadState earlier than necessary
8a63c6323842 7125594 C-heap growth issue in ThreadService::find_deadlocks_at_safepoint
2e0ef19fc891 7126480 Make JVM start time in milliseconds since the Java epoch available
abcceac2f7cd 7119730 Tiered: SIGSEGV in AdvancedThresholdPolicy::is_method_profiled(methodOop)
7bca37d28f32 7114106 C1: assert(goto_state->is_same(sux_state)) failed: states must match now
d725f0affb1a 7121111 -server -Xcomp -XX:+TieredCompilation does not invoke C2 compiler
127b3692c168 7116452 Add support for AVX instructions
669f6a7d5b70 7121073 secondary_super_cache memory slice has incorrect bounds in flatten_alias_type
65149e74c706 7121648 Use 3-operands SIMD instructions on x86 with AVX
069ab3f976d3 7118863 Move sizeof(klassOopDesc) into the *Klass::*_offset_in_bytes() functions
1dc233a8c7fe 7121140 Allocation paths require explicit memory synchronization operations for RMO systems
e5ac210043cd 7123108 C1: assert(if_state != NULL) failed: states do not match up
b642b49f9738 7123253 C1: in store check code, usage of registers may be incorrect
40c2484c09e1 7110832 ctw/.../org_apache_avalon_composition_util_StringHelper crashes the VM
d12a66fa3820 7123954 Some CTW test crash with SIGSEGV
9c87bcb3b4dd 7125879 assert(proj != NULL) failed: must be found
1cb50d7a9d95 7119294 Two command line options cause JVM to crash
8f8b94305aff 7129240 backout fix for 7102776 until 7128770 is resolved
4f25538b54c9 7120511 Add diagnostic commands
5da7201222d5 7110824 ctw/jarfiles/GUI3rdParty_jar/ob_mask_DateField crashes VM
e9a5e0a812c8 7125896 Eliminate nested locks
35acf8f0a2e4 7128352 assert(obj_node == obj) failed
c8d8e124380c 7064302 JDK7 build 147 crashed after testing my java 6-compiled web app
bacb651cf5bf 7113006 G1: excessive ergo output when an evac failure happens
023652e49ac0 7121496 G1: do the per-region evacuation failure handling work in parallel
02838862dec8 7121623 G1: always be able to reliably calculate the length of a forwarded chunked array
97c00e21fecb 7125281 G1: heap expansion code is replicated
1d6185f732aa 7128532 G1: Change default value of G1DefaultMaxNewGenPercent to 80
2ace1c4ee8da 6888336 G1: avoid explicitly marking and pushing objects in survivor spaces
b0ff910edfc9 7128355 assert(!nocreate) failed: Cannot build a phi for a block already parsed
89d0a5d40008 7129618 assert(obj_node->eqv_uncast(obj),"");
4e80db53c323 7129512 new hotspot build - hs23-b11
94ec88ca68e2 7115199 Add event tracing hooks and Java Flight Recorder infrastructure
d7e3846464d0 7071311 Decoder enhancement
db18ca98d237 7131050 fix for "7071311 Decoder enhancement" does not build on MacOS X
eaa9557116a2 7120448 Fix FP values for compiled frames in frame::describe
15d394228cfa 7111138 delete the obsolete flag -XX:+UseRicochetFrames
898522ae3c32 7131288 COMPILE SKIPPED: deopt handler overflow (retry at different tier)
5f3fcd591768 7131979 new hotspot build - hs23-b12
53a127075045 7131302 connode.cpp:205 Error: ShouldNotReachHere()
9164b8236699 7131028 Switch statement takes wrong path
a81f60ddab06 7130676 Tiered: assert(bci == 0 || 0<= bci && bci
82e5a84b7436 7120450 complete information dumped by frame_describe
dddf0be88eb1 7132945 Tiered: adjust OSR threshold of level 3
cf407b7d3d78 7116050 C2/ARM: memory stomping error with DivideMcTests
52474ec73861 7132936 guarantee(t != NULL) failed: must be con
9a28ddfc1f4a 7123910 Some CTW tests crash VM: is_loaded() && that->is_loaded()
5dbed2f542ff 7120468 SPARC/x86: use frame::describe to enhance trace_method_handle
20334ed5ed3c 7131259 compile_method and CompilationPolicy::event shouldn't be declared TRAPS
2e966d967c5c 7121547 G1: High number mispredicted branches while iterating over the marking bitmap
851b58c26def 7130334 G1: Change comments and error messages that refer to CMS in g1/concurrentMark.cpp/hpp
9509c20bba28 6976060 G1: humongous object allocations should initiate marking cycles when necessary
0b3d1ec6eaee 7097586 G1: improve the per-space output when using jmap -heap
7ca7be5a6a0b 7129271 G1: Interference from multiple threads in PrintGC/PrintGCDetails output
a8a126788ea0 7078465 G1: Don't use the undefined value (-1) for the G1 old memory pool max size
57025542827f 7131791 G1: Asserts in nightly testing due to 6976060
6a78aa6ac1ff 7132311 G1: assert((s == klass->oop_size(this)) || (Universe::heap()->is_gc_active() && ((is_typeArray()...
877914d90c57 7132398 G1: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid threshold: 9223372036854775807 > max (1073741824)
d30fa85f9994 6484965 G1: piggy-back liveness accounting phase on marking
eff609af17d7 7127706 G1: re-enable survivors during the initial-mark pause
a5244e07b761 7112413 JVM Crash, possibly GC-related
b4ebad3520bb 7133038 G1: Some small profile based optimizations
af739d5ab23c 6972759 Step over not working after thrown exception and Pop
d6660fedbab5 7126732 MAC: Require Mac OS X builds/tests for JPRT integrate jobs for HotSpot
bf864f701a4a 7066129 GarbageCollectorMXBean#getLastGcInfo leaks native memory
e8a4934564b2 7125793 MAC: test_gamma should always work
520830f632e7 7131346 Parsing of boolean arguments to diagnostic commands is broken
a42c07c38c47 7132515 Add dcmd to manage UnlockingCommercialFeature flag
de268c8a8075 7082553 Interpret Thread.setPriority(Thread.MAX_PRIORITY) to mean FX60 on Solaris 10 and 11
9f1c2b7cdfb6 7135385 new hotspot build - hs23-b13
34e2e90e7182 7130476 Remove use of #ifdef TRACE_DEFINE_KLASS_TRACE_ID from klass.hpp
26a08cbbf042 7022100 Method annotations are incorrectly set when redefining classes
f457154eee8b 7140882 Don't return booleans from methods returning pointers
b2cd0ee8f778 7114376 Make system dictionary hashtable bucket array size configurable
481a9443f721 7123386 RFE: Preserve universal builds of HotSpot on Mac OS X
1a2723f7ad8e 7129164 JNI Get/ReleasePrimitiveArrayCritical doesn't scale
5f17b16b3219 7141059 7116795 broke pure c2 builds
5ed8f599a788 7140924 SIGSEGV in compiled code for sun.awt.X11.XDecoratedPeer.updateMinSizeHints
2f5980b127e3 7132180 JSR 292: C1 JVM crash with ClassValue/MethodHandle
f067b4e0e04b 7090976 Eclipse/CDT causes a JVM crash while indexing C++ code
aa3d708d67c4 7141200 log some interesting information in ring buffers for crashes
0382d2b469b2 7013347 allow crypto functions to be called inline to enhance performance
392a3f07d567 7141637 JSR 292: MH spread invoker crashes with NULL argument on x86_32
be649fefcdc2 7134655 Crash in reference processing when doing single-threaded remarking
2eeebe4b4213 7140909 Visual Studio project builds broken: need to define INCLUDE_TRACE
24cae3e4cbaa 6679764 enable parallel compaction by default
1f22b536808b 7142393 new hotspot build - hs23-b14
585feefad374 7142852 MAC: Comment out JPRT jbb tests on Mac OS X until 7142850 is resolved
64b46f975ab8 7142616 MAC: Honor ALT_EXPORT_PATH overrides from JDK control builds
3c4621be5149 7143122 new hotspot build - hs23-b15
869be5c8882e 7142586 Cannot build on Solaris 11 due to use of ia_nice
c77d473e71f7 7132779 build-infra merge: Enable ccache to work for most developer builds.
719f7007c8e8 7141242 build-infra merge: Rename CPP->CXX and LINK->LD
5e9fba4e8718 7142167 MAC: _get_previous_fp broken on bsd with llvm-gcc
b9bc6cae88f2 7143491 G1 C2 CTW: assert(p2x->outcnt() == 2) failed: expects 2 users: Xor and URShift nodes
c742b0b47fe5 7119286 JSR292: SIGSEGV in JNIHandleBlock::release_block(JNIHandleBlock*, Thread*)+0x3c
1ac084126285 7130319 C2: running with -XX:+PrintOptoAssembly crashes the VM with assert(false) failed: bad tag in log
a79cb7c55012 7132690 InstanceKlass:_reference_type should be u1 type
094138495da4 7144322 new hotspot build - hs23-b16
77a488cd4af2 7140866 assert(covered) failed: Card for end of new region not committed
95f6641e38e0 7144296 PS: Optimize nmethods processing
caa4652b4414 7129892 G1: explicit marking cycle initiation might fail to initiate a marking cycle
d903bf750e9f 7129514 time warp warnings after 7117303
a9647476d1a4 7132029 G1: mixed GC phase lasts for longer than it should
ab4422d0ed59 7146343 PS invoke methods should indicate the type of gc done
23c0eb012d6f 6330863 vm/gc/ fails intermittently due to timeout
1b0e0f8be510 7131006 java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/
db006a85bf91 7141259 Native stack is missing in hs_err
54d3535a6dd3 7009098 SA cannot open core files larger than 2GB on Linux 32-bit
849412a95e45 7059899 Stack overflows in Java code cause 64-bit JVMs to exit due to SIGSEGV
1891640ca63f 7143760 Memory leak in GarbageCollectionNotifications
a9831b955a0a 7069991 Setup make/ files for jdk8
28d91e43ab6d 7145587 Stack overflows in Java code cause 64-bit JVMs to exit due to SIGSEGV (sparc version)
b8a4e1d372a0 7145589 First JSDT provider creation fails
2b150750d53d 7130993 nsk/jdi/ReferenceType/instances/instances004 fails with JFR: assert(ServiceUtil::visible_oop(obj))
f1cb6f9cfe21 7145243 Need additional specializations for argument parsing framework
4a24c4f648bd 7142113 Add Ivy Bridge to the known Intel x86 cpu families
7df3125953cb 7146354 Re-enable Compressed OOPs after 7118647 is resolved
73df3733f2eb 7129284 +DoEscapeAnalysis regression w/ early build of 7u4 (HotSpot 23) on Linux
de34c646c3f7 7140985 HSDIS does not handle caller options correctly
45a1bf98f1bb 7141329 Strange values of stack_size in -XX:+TraceMethodHandles output
f09ae3853e3b 7143766 add ALT_JDK_IMAGE_DIR and improve test_jdk
b522995d91f0 7144405 JumbleGC002 assert(m->offset() == pc_offset) failed: oopmap not found
8f4eb44b3b76 7143061 nsk/stress/stack/b4525850 crash VM
80107dc493db 7126041 jdk7u4 b05 and b06 crash with RubyMine 3.2.4, works well with b04
09d00c18e323 7145537 minor tweaks to LogEvents
cfdfbeac0a5b 7145345 Code cache sweeper must cooperate with safepoints
69333a2fbae2 7142680 default GC affected by jvm path
fd8114661503 7125136 SIGILL on linux amd64 in gc/ArrayJuggle/Juggle29
c7401dcad8bf 7143038 SIGSEGV in assert_equal / LinearScan::assign_reg_num
ad3b47344802 7144318 GCLocker assert failure: assert(_needs_gc || SafepointSynchronize::is_at_safepoint(
9b8ce46870df 7145346 VerifyStackAtCalls is broken
72c425c46102 7146729 nightly failure after 7141200: tty is sometimes null during shutdown of main thread
931e5f39e365 7147064 assert(allocates2(pc)) failed: not in CodeBuffer memory: 0xffffffff778d9d60 <= 0xffffffff778da69c
cf8928e22f20 7148663 new hotspot build - hs23-b17
3322dd7f0a4d 7110104 It should be possible to stop and start JMX Agent at runtime
eac434b01c4c 7146442 assert(false) failed: bad AD file
ad0b499ddb18 7145024 Crashes in ucrypto related to C2
34a4f7687460 7150051 incorrect oopmap in critical native
16d263c59845 7150326 new hotspot build - hs23-b18
1425699d00c2 7150390 JFR test crashed on assert(_jni_lock_count == count) failed: must be equal
418bcab91d2c 7150454 add release jdk7u4 to
cd3d4ec354fd 7093108 Bump the hs22 build number to 07
8d4cd133d6a8 7059019 G1: add G1 support to the SA
66db4a2fc13c 7092412 G1: Some roots not marked during an initial mark that gets an evacuation failure
2115638addd2 7045232 G1: pool names are inconsistent with other collectors (don't have 'Space')
ce597819d5c6 7068215 G1: Print reference processing time during remark
ac196b091535 7091032 G1: assert failure when NewRatio is used
e804fc7a831e 7092245 G1: Wrong format specifier in G1PrintRegionLivenessInfo header output
c20e006ee26a 7092238 G1: Uninitialized field gc_efficiency in G1PrintRegionLivenessInfo output
d320dd70ca40 6484982 G1: process references during evacuation pauses
39c57c097027 7075646 G1: fix inconsistencies in the monitoring data
9a9821a0bc8b 7086533 G1: assert(!_g1->is_obj_dead(obj)): We should not be preserving dead objs: g1CollectedHeap.cpp:3835
7afaeffa5d9b 7097053 G1: assert(da ? referent->is_oop() : referent->is_oop_or_null()) failed: referenceProcessor.cpp:1054
aade124d1b1d 7097048 G1: extend the G1 SA changes to print per-heap space information
953ffc48897d 7092236 java/util/EnumSet/ fails
34d69affce86 7092278 "jmap -finalizerinfo" throws "sun.jvm.hotspot.utilities.AssertionFailure: invalid cp index 0 137"
876f4a66bd71 7096366 PPC: corruption of floating-point values with DeoptimizeALot
c2ef8b5cd1f3 7100165 JSR 292: leftover printing code in methodHandleWalk.cpp
623aec2a90f7 7101102 Bump the hs22 build number to 08
3e986ec5c123 7107063 Fork hs22.1 hsx from hs22.0 for 7u3 and reinitialize build number
68d4d1b6829a 7102337 Third Party License Readme updates for 7u2
714bf7aefe10 7100757 The BitSet.nextSetBit() produces incorrect result in 32bit VM on Sparc
c8abdaa56b47 7108550 Bump the hs22 build number to 09
742a2251c87b 7110586 C2 generates incorrect results
0544a9618b87 7110428 Crash during HeapDump operation
3ba0bb2e7c8d 7112766 Bump the hs22 build number to 10
b23c8435518c 7116462 Bump the hs21.1 build number to 02
df4652fd1ae5 7113740 hotspot_version file has wrong JDK_MINOR_VER
8f31e6a9b691 7152784 new hotspot build - hs23-b19
b7175879a006 7152954 G1: Native memory leak during full GCs
a5f2ffa62a17 7123170 JCK vm/jvmti/ResourceExhausted/resexh001/resexh00101/ tests fails since 7u4 b02
ab565ffd9ec9 7154333 JVM fails to start if -XX:+AggressiveHeap is set
592be2b070a9 7154724 jdk7u4 test properties missing from
74229f694686 7142641 -Xshared:on fails on ARM
0777128def78 7144328 Improper commandlines for -XX:+-UnlockCommercialFeatures require proper warning/error messages
b5ab741f2be1 7155757 make jdk7u4 the default jprt release for hs23
ad5eb0a72fb1 7130404 [macosx] "os.arch" value should be "x86_64" for compatibility with Apple JDK6
bd649a0a58e2 7154677 new hotspot build - hs23-b20
86ce3208eb18 7145798 System.loadLibrary does not search current working directory
de5748cca211 7147724 G1: hang in SurrogateLockerThread::manipulatePLL
c1606f7a714c 7103665 HeapWord*ParallelScavengeHeap::failed_mem_allocate(unsigned long,bool)+0x97
1db5b993a0d8 7118280 The gbyc00102 JCK7 test causes an assert in JVM 7.0 fastdebug mode
1834c6835b75 7156960 Incorrect copyright headers in parts of the Serviceability agent
7c99c217cc89 7158135 new hotspot build - hs23-b21
34fce1d343b0 7159766 Tiered compilation causes performance regressions
c1d1c84a2124 7167028 new hotspot build - hs23.2-b01
adaa2f10c81b 7132070 Use a mach_port_t as the OSThread thread_id rather than pthread_t on BSD/OSX
8bf0501658ef 7152800 All tests using the attach API fail with "well-known file is not secure" on Mac OS X
d652a62d6e03 7102323 RFE: enable Full Debug Symbols Phase 1 on Solaris
744728c16316 7158067 FDS: ENABLE_FULL_DEBUG_SYMBOLS flag should only affect product builds
690f89a699b1 7164344 enabling ZIP_DEBUGINFO_FILES causes unexpected test failures on Solaris and Windows
28392714005e 7167266 missing copyright notes in 3rd party code
1a9c601a5395 7167406 (Zero) Fix for InvokeDynamic needed
1fcba869fe4a 7163117 Agent can't connect to process on Mac OSX
e0b69099f2cf 7168249 new hotspot build - hs23.2-b02
b7ae1ee1d2e4 7167625 Adjustments for SE-Embedded build process
c7a2af36ee59 7170009 new hotspot build - hs23.2-b03
8a074526ffca 7165755 OS Information much longer on linux than other platforms
3b1b50b3ad62 7157141 crash in 64 bit with corrupted oops
acd6a3802609 7160539 JDeveloper crashes on 64-bit Windows
ea3152ff2a49 7167254 Crash on OSX in Enumerator.nextElement() with compressed oops
3facbb14e873 6924259 Remove String.count/String.offset
c4b58f8eeeaf 7158457 division by zero in adaptiveweightedaverage
3f1e457eda51 7170197 Update JPRT default build targets to support embedded builds
d8fb2e80e074 7171852 new hotspot build - hs23.2-b04
7d4e6dabc6bf 7165060 dtrace tests fail with FDS debug info files
9c1709c4c80c 7165598 enable FDS on Solaris X64 when 7165593 is fixed
7a8d3cd65621 7173635 should include release jdk7u6
6ede6e312f74 7173436 new hotspot build - hs23.2-b05
4cbb838572a3 7155453 [macosx] re-enable jbb tests in JPRT
2c04ea9341f9 7170275 os::print_os_info needs to know about Windows 8
ed206bb84d16 7171703 JNI DefineClass crashes client VM when first parameter is NULL
1bc0c1354c4d 7166498 JVM crash in ClassVerifier
202880d633e6 7170145 C1 doesn't respect the JMM with volatile field loads
e5f7f95411fb 7151573 Fork hs23.1 hsx from hs23.0 for 7u5 and reinitialize build number
6a7aac2ae8db 7110720 Issue with vm config file loadingIssue with vm config file loading
fc1294d2611b 7158116 Bump the hs23.1 build number to b02
549ba5646494 7152811 Issues in client compiler
dcf91dc1f50e 7160677 missing else in fix for 7152811
add74a570ab2 7163621 Bump the hs23.1 build number to b03
bf2255796a93 7160757 Problem with hotspot/runtime_classfile
76aaf8ba8e18 7175516 new hotspot build - hs23.2-b06
7871a1b632cb 7172708 32/64 bit type issues on Windows after Mac OS X port
024a95fd5933 7177365 new hotspot build - hs23.2-b07
5d718ef6233b 6310967 SA: jstack -m produce failures in output
dc333950f54f 7063674 Wrong results from basic comparisons after calls to Long.bitCount(long)
ce8d9e20eded 7174928 JSR 292: unresolved invokedynamic call sites deopt and osr infinitely
ea9e0c74b03f 7174510 19 JCK compiler tests fail with C2 error: memNode.cpp:812 - ShouldNotReachHere
7cfb7d4b1e17 7169782 C2: SIGSEGV in LShiftLNode::Ideal(PhaseGVN*, bool)
dd22c97d7663 7178113 build environment change
30fd0e13dd48 7158800 Improve storage of symbol tables
d1b0644d6acf 7175255 symlinks are wrong, which caused jdk8-promote-2 to fail (client/64/64 directories in debuginfo zips)
afeeb6cc68ac 7120481 storeStore barrier in constructor with final field
01c6624127b5 7129401 PPC: runtime/7100935/ fails
409abd911542 7179194 new hotspot build - hs23.2-b08
faa8d30306e8 7178670 runtime/7158800/ fails in SymbolTable::rehash_table
abddf1ce3c6b 7174363 Arrays.copyOfRange leads to VM crash with -Xcomp -server if executed by testing framework
9fc5bd0e5818 7157365 jruby/bench.bench_timeout crashes with JVM internal error
b237d00f078c 7129715 MAC: SIGBUS in nsk stress test
cfb193817fec 7179138 Incorrect result with String concatenation optimization
981f551d0f91 7179759 ENV: Nightly fails during jdk copiyng for solaris platforms after FDS unzipping
43fe30b725f2 7180884 new hotspot build - hs23.2-b09
ab0720e5abbb 7156729 PPC: R_PPC_REL24 relocation error related to some libraries built without -fPIC
3f142ec74a26 7167142 Consider a warning when finding a .hotspotrc or .hotspot_compiler file that isn't used
571bc10e2a37 7181200 JVM new hashing code breaks SA in product mode
cfb2ea9dfefd 7175133 jinfo failed to get system properties after 6924259
a4b60109cffc 7177128 SA cannot get correct system properties after 7126277
f7933fecea9a 7179908 Fork hs23.3 hsx from hs22.2 for jdk7u7 and reinitialize build number
c24fcc1c0443 7158801 Improve VM CompileOnly option
680f32d8cb81 7158804 Improve config file parsing
68b65652a8d0 7158807 Revise stack management with volatile call sites
b66bb0e3224f 7179908 Fork hs23.3 hsx from hs22.2 for jdk7u7 and reinitialize build number
e043d96d767d 7189136 Fork hs23.5 hsx from hs23.4 for jdk7u9 and reinitialize build number
13561990b5dc 7199645 Increment build # of hs23.5 to b02
63ff4604e787 7198606 Improve VM optimization
ed42837374ac 7199669 Update tags in .hgtags file for CPU release rename
da4aa289ac10 7199488 [TEST] runtime/7158800/ failed due to false-positive on PID match.
d2e25680db9d 7198640 new hotspot build - hs23.6-b04
f3f34d00d977 7162488 VM not printing unknown -XX options
6767490c06a8 8000822 Fork hs23.7 hsx from hs23.6 for jdk7u11 and reinitialize build number
db7028c8a953 8001307 Modify ACC_SUPER behavior
c954aab38a7f 8004336 Better handling of method handle intrinsic frames
0785ff7bd741 7182152 Instrumentation hot swap test incorrect monitor count
e629a7d0b760 7173959 Jvm crashed during coherence exabus (tmb) testing
bc3dc90c4e9e 8009399 Bump the hsx build number for APRIL CPU
beeb3d6b76f0 8006309 More reliable control panel operation
663b5c744e82 8009699 Methodhandle lookup
3168f3e14339 8006309 More reliable control panel operation
bf2d84c5103d 7158805 Better rewriting of nested subroutine calls
07119340f80f 8009699 Methodhandle lookup
fd81c9aeb9f5 8001330 Improve on checking order
efec74090462 8011806 7u25-b05 hotspot fastdebug build failure
1410ff0b4ba2 8001330 Improve on checking order
8011896 Add check for invalid offset for new AccessControlContext isAuthorized field
cca49a35bf83 8014312 Fork hs23.25 hsx from hs23.21 for jdk7u25 and reinitialize build number
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
7d6aeda6ba9b 8001236 Improve JAXP HTTP handling
8299b980d2e1 8008765 Relax bugid checks in 6-open repositories
1619baf2c154 8014464 Update jcheck for 6-open
7cacb63a3883 6657673 Issues with JAXP
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
5c734e43475d 8008765 Relax bugid checks in 6-open repositories
287ef274eb0b 8014464 Update jcheck for 6-open
8cbaca32d6a5 8003543 Improve processing of MTOM attachments
1cd0d3610b90 8005432 Update access to JAX-WS
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
21487ef30163 7198296 Refactor classloader usage
6088f3510686 6776941 Improve thread pool shutdown
9c2a2aae44a4 8000210 Improve JarFile code quality
ce11c5c59cb8 7173145 Improve in-memory representation of splashscreens
1c8f90c6561b 7186948 Improve Swing data validation
f5cd977fb920 7200491 Tighten up JTable layout code
090f6ba7b0dc 7201068 Better handling of UI elements
51e0a30e4b19 7186954 Improve connection performance
4d8e68b2e189 7201071 InetSocketAddress serialization issue
957761172aca 7200500 Launcher better input validation
cd583699f743 8001972 Improve image processing
aa0f90e27513 8002325 Improve management of images
ff61c0aad219 8000537 Contextualize RequiredModelMBean class
f39eab3d0067 7192977 Issue in toolkit thread
aaef49c4b7d3 7186952 Improve clipboard access
1440897c4a5c 7201064 Better dialogue checking
f5e09db08f6a 7186945 Unpack200 improvement
7186957 Improve Pack200 data validation
7186946 Refine unpacker resource usage
42a6492ca02e 7192392 Better validation of client keys
7c47d887ed89 8004341 Two JCK tests fails with 7u11 b06
151f9e47de23 7192393 Better Checking of order of TLS Messages
fa08d11c1f6a 7197546 (proxy) Reflect about creating reflective proxies
2989574e04c1 7201070 Serialization to conform to protocol
b3b83407c38f 6563318 RMI data sanitization
415970a151a9 8001242 Improve RMI HTTP conformance
e8bb85c4cd5f 6664509 Add logging context
6664528 Find log level matching its name or value given at construction time
7649aa3f9af1 8004175 Restricted packages added in are missing in{macosx, solaris, windows}
7e9a50897589 8004302 javax/xml/soap/ fails since jdk6u39b01
3fddb653394e 8005615 Java Logger fails to load tomcat logger implementation (JULI)
8628a71cb65a 8007393 Possible race condition after JDK-6664509
f6f2d25b9c9c 8007611 logging behavior in applet changed
599af0e34c9b 8007688 Blacklist known bad certificate
c14ba5b2bd91 8006777 Improve TLS handling of invalid messages
b4b8cfb76ea5 8006446 Restrict MBeanServer access
44c99b68e36c 8007014 Improve image handling
9714f53ef173 8007675 Improve color conversion
c73944a23b44 8009641 OpenJDK 6 build broken via 8007675 fix
0d99d61882b7 8008765 Relax bugid checks in 6-open repositories
2a0c219cf228 8014464 Update jcheck for 6-open
d3912e74ec28 7036559 ConcurrentHashMap footprint and contention improvements
ceff03c34858 8009063 Improve reliability of ConcurrentHashMap
ca691679edc8 6657673 Issues with JAXP
5f5845e17ce9 6669869 Beans.isDesignTime() and other queries should be per-AppContext
f795f306822c 5102804 Memory leak in Introspector.getBeanInfo(Class) for custom BeanInfo: Class param (includes WeakCache from 6397609)
519a39479e4c 6963811 Deadlock-prone locking changes in Introspector
9e0d4fba81b4 7064279 Introspector.getBeanInfo() should release some resources in timely manner
b057d28c7592 7200507 Refactor Introspector internals
d621c66dd504 8000724 Improve networking serialization
edb745e6bec3 8004986 Better handling of glyph table
8004987 Improve font layout
8004994 Improve checking of glyph table
1a4dbc9bd19d 6501644 sync LayoutEngine *code* structure to match ICU
841db88c2afc 6886358 layout code update
b6ed79d977dc 8001031 Better font processing.
56ae0499c03d 7017324 Kerning crash in JDK 7 since ICU layout update
5d2de56395ab 8001040 Rework RMI model
5815f2a81882 8001322 Refactor deserialization
5e77f1560dd4 8001329 Augment RMI logging
a5d98f521ce6 8003335 Better handling of Finalizer thread
c2d3dcb3ffe9 8003445 Adjust JAX-WS to focus on API
3b4103839219 8004261 Improve input validation
2e1f29531fe6 8005432 Update access to JAX-WS
6261113c0934 8005943 (process) Improved Runtime.exec
730b11efab7a 8006435 Improvements in JMX
78ffd3d860ac 8006790 Improve checking for windows
f699024be0cd 8006795 Improve font warning messages
2ffebbf60bdc 8007406 Improve accessibility of AccessBridge
6ae6f2090087 8007617 Better validation of images
6f639ae1a931 8007667 Better image reading
b737a9b35053 8007918 Better image writing
ec32c4d00a7b 8009305 Improve AWT data transfer
ff895779f48e 8009814 Better driver management
1a0501c10b17 8009857 Problem with plugin
5283b91edcae 7195301 XML Signature DOM implementation should not use instanceof to determine type of Node
c3e61881dcd5 6469266 Integrate Apache XMLSec 1.4.2 into JDK 7
f3d02dd3dee5 6741606 Integrate Apache Santuario
f1dd1401e560 7170730 Improve Windows network stack support.
c7f1cee6049f 8000638 Improve deserialization
7f456f1ac6b1 8001032 Restrict object access
1d56d9bcf5ad 8001033 Refactor network address handling in virtual machine identifiers
1df0a6b7bb1f 8001034 Memory management improvements
5f5682904137 8001038 Resourcefully handle resources
c6481a987f06 8001043 Clarify definition restrictions
3725770c1c90 8001309 Better handling of annotation interfaces
9d2891b86de3 8001318 Socket.getLocalAddress not consistent with InetAddress.getLocalHost
567a408ee507 8001330 Improve on checking order
2633c7cc2ec4 8003703 Update RMI connection dialog box
b46f92d53c49 8004584 Augment applet contextualization
6c6f495e165c 8005007 Better glyph processing
43bd7e37fefa 8006328 Improve robustness of sound classes
8009057 Improve MIDI event handling
3a8430636a62 8006611 Improve scripting
c2c239b483ad 8007467 Improve robustness of JMX internal APIs
051dfe3ba552 8007471 Improve MBean notifications
7dfe3c7b81f5 8007812 (reflect) Class.getEnclosingMethod problematic for some classes
8146b5a3ca9b 8008120 Improve JMX class checking
98e44e1161cd 8008124 Better compliance testing
f161cf71249f 8008128 Better API coherence for JMX
61e5bc476768 8008132 Better serialization support
8809244bd132 8008585 Better JMX data handling
32f3d9be66ad 8008593 Better URLClassLoader resource management
11b7c94591e7 8008603 Improve provision of JMX providers
255b4c9452b7 8008611 Better handling of annotations in JMX
cd61632c15e1 8008616 Improve robustness of JMX internal APIs
563077a16cab 8008623 Better handling of MBeanServers
054626e9b4ae 8008744 Rework part of fix for JDK-6741606
8f7463709e32 8008982 Adjust JMX for underlying interface changes
4dfb9383bf1b 8009004 Better implementation of RMI connections
5918e62232ed 8009013 Better handling of T2K glyphs
9edf0b9d2f91 8009034 Improve resulting notifications in JMX
fbc4de813917 8009038 Improve JMX notification support
2678ef962839 8009067 Improve storing keys in KeyStore
54f34551a684 8009235 Improve handling of TSA data
5d08329e3b0c 6888167 memory leaks in the medialib glue code
a05c83937c8c 8011243 Improve ImagingLib
1f7f3cc91081 8011248 Better Component Rasters
90a7e84eb660 8011253 Better Short Component Rasters
241ae44e40c0 8011257 Better Byte Component Rasters
68e7d2cf4eb9 8011557 Improve reflection utility classes
13ff9b42c27a 8012421 Better positioning of PairPositioning
ac79bc9ff022 8012438 Better image validation
66128ed63774 8012597 Better image channel verification
6a19a7e87ed5 8012601 Better validation of image layouts
74374f2c7704 8014281 Better checking of XML signature
6daa81bdfd18 8009996 tests javax/management/mxbean/ and javax/management/mxbean/ fail
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
fb349e2cf7b6 8008765 Relax bugid checks in 6-open repositories
6b30d24ee664 8014464 Update jcheck for 6-open
430bf5996480 6786028 Javadoc HTML WCAG 2.0 accessibility issues in standard doclet - Bold tags should be strong
000255bb356f 6786682 Javadoc HTML WCAG 2.0 accessibility issues in standard doclet - HTML tag should have lang attribute
6b8f0ec6f539 6802694 Javadoc doclet does not display deprecated information with -nocomment option for serialized form
429251156726 6786690 Javadoc HTML WCAG 2.0 accessibility issues in standard doclet - DL tag and nesting issue
a007a839d587 6786688 Javadoc HTML WCAG 2.0 accessibility issues in standard doclet - Table must have captions and headers
9908a3b28095 6961178 Allow doclet.xml to contain XML attributes
12a4790ab09b 6851834 Javadoc doclet needs a structured approach to generate the output HTML.
7e4aeac8d9b0 7006270 Several javadoc regression tests are failing on windows
11207916b668 8012375 Improve Javadoc framing
62ea5dc21718 8015998 Additional improvement in Javadoc framing